Women’s cut


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Price: From 35 £In modern times, the hair part of the face frame, also representing the social grouping those that use a particular way.

How took her hair to a very great importance in the emotional sphere, and it is interesting to note that when a person starts losing hair, she gets desperate, because this is one body part that has a lot of control, ie, we can cut, paint making hairstyles, straighten, curl etc in clinic Beauty Optional and that when we can not control, giving us the feeling of powerlessness in relation to our body.

Another observation and for information relating to hair. Created a series of myths about them , often without any foundation . Some of them:

Hair goes through a constant cycle, such that there are always some hair growing (85% of the wires of the scalp ) and some falling (15% of wires scalp ). This means that, on average, people lose about 50 hairs per day without this being considered a problem . The most common causes of hair loss are : anemia, disturbances ferritin, thyroid changes, lack of protein  (inadequate schemes) level and very high. No stress environment and the experience, day to day each person will eliminate stress and has to take care of their hair, face and body care from you.